Yoga Nook Classes

Class Descriptions

Beginning/ Yoga 1*
A great intro class or beginners exploring the foundations of Yoga as well as moving onto level 1.

Yoga for Stress Relief *
Breath work, Gentle stretches, restorative poses, Visualization Techniques. Treat yourself to this 75 min. long retreat, reduce blood pressure and calm your mind. All levels welcome ($10 Drop in fee)

Yin Yoga 3rd Friday of Month*
A Quiet Practice that draws openness to any closed spaces promoting a fluid flow of energy. All levels welcome, though some yoga experience is helpful.

Core & Yoga*
A workout for your core muscles….paired with yoga posture and relaxation to finish.

Yoga in Motion 1/2
Deepen your understanding of prana, chakras, meaning behind the poses ,mudras and other aspects of philosophy while practicing asana.

Yoga 1&2
For Yoga 1 students ready for more challenge.  Yoga Poses with more variations and flow. (Friday 9am 90min class will add light breath work and slightly longer savasana).

Yoga Flow
Vinyasa, flowing from posture to posture accompanied by the breath. Some Yoga experience required.

Yoga Flow 2&3/+2
Yoga classes with Vinyasa, flowing movement and held postures. Inversions, arm balances and opportunity for physical challenge as well as opening the heart and mind. Yoga experience necessary.

A specially designed class for people recovering from injury or with limited range of motion. Great for post surgery, MS, Fibro. These classes are sold in 10 class packages for $60 (these classes only).

A.I.M. Awareness, Integration & Movement*
Improve your body awareness with this class. Move into postures with greater ease. Somatic movement that gets you out of your yoga Habits. Great for beginners and anyone enjoying a deeper understanding of posture.

Sunrise Yoga*
Practice to invigorate and inspire you into your day. Flowing movements with breath and Sun Salutations to get your juices flowing. This is an all level class however some yoga experience is helpful.

Mindfulness in Your Pocket*
Learn to incorporate tools to help you move away from habitual patterns that cause stress, anxiety, depression, fear, addiction/cravings . Join us as we explore practices inspired
by Yoga, Meditation, Somatic Exploration and breath work. Donation based for all. No one turned away. Suggested donation $5

Yoga Stretch/ Release & Restore *
A gentle class with attention to breath while moving at a “sloth” like pace, holding supported shapes, and melting into the poses. Release and Restore will end with a few traditional restorative poses.

Community Yoga
Level 1 practice taught by our latest graduates of our Yoga Nook 200 Teacher Training Program. $5 drop in fee for non-members. Some yoga experience recommended.

* = All level classes, no experience necessary.