Breath Mechanics with Kim – Workshop 2


2020 Lunchtime Workshop Series – Breath Mechanics:  Relieving Stress through Core and Breath Work

90 Minute Workshops

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 | Noon – 1:30pm


Learning how to breathe properly is the ultimate mind, brain and body hack.  In this lunchtime workshop series, Breath Mechanics: Improving Your Life through Core and Breath Work, you will learn the anatomy of your 3-part breath, about your nervous system and how to use deep breathing and myofascial self-massage techniques with Yoga Tune Up® balls to lower stress, breathe better and increase your capacity for whatever you want to do in your life. The workshops can be attended individually or as a series.  Each workshop will provide you with a toolkit to welcome in more resilience and the ability to maintain a sense of calm and peace.

PART 2: The Primary Respiratory Players

Going deeper into the main muscles of respiration, expanding more on the mind-body-breath connection and an introduction to the nervous system and its role in your well-being and performance.  Learn techniques using Yoga Tune Up® balls to create space for deeper breathing and more expansion.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 Noon – 1:30pm