UNplug Event

We are excited that you have decided to take the "UNplug Challenge"!  Below are some tips for meeting this challenge.

Begins: Sundown on Friday, March 16th, 2019
Ends: Sundown on Saturday, March 17th, 2019

  • Start your day with some meditation instead of reaching for your phone
  • Attend Satsung with Brian Lottman at the Cochran Studio
  • Download one of our "I'm UNplugged" social images below and post to let family/friends know about your commitment
  • Take a class or start a creative project, draw, paint, read or journal about your experience
  • Declutter and organize around the house
  • Garden, plant, connect with nature
  • Grab your kids and run away together without your phones!
  • Volunteer your time with a charity that resonates with you or visit the elderly
  • Reboot, Reconnect, Refocus, Rejoice, Relax and Rejoin the Human Race!!!

  • No Facebook
  • No Instagram
  • No Twitter
  • No Pinterest
  • No YouTube
  • No Online Destinations
  • No Smartphone
  • No Emails
  • Try to keep your computer off unless you are writing or doing a creative project

Free images created by Little Dog Yoga Marketing - Take one!

Download one of these images to place on your Social Network profiles to let everyone know you're away for the day!